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Rum Piya Rajaji Bhojpuri Song, PK Sut Jata Hot Video

Rum Piya Rajaji PK Sut Jata

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Rum Piya Rajaji PK Sut Jata Lyrics

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Bhojpuri Cinema History

Rum Piya Rajaji Hot Song
Rum Piya Rajaji Bhojpuri Song
Bihar's dialect cinema is coming of age with bigger budgets and national distribution across state boundaries.

For many Indians, the small screen shenanigans of Bigg Boss were the first indication that there was an industry of something called "Bhojpuri films".

Apparently, one of the inmates of the celebrity house was an actor of no mean following in these dialect films, called Ravi Kishan.

The sulky actor may have faded from viewers' minds, but there is little doubt that the popularity of Bhojpuri films is growing exponentially. Not only are more Bhojpuri films being made, even the size of their budget has shot up extensively "" and their shooting locations as well as distribution network is spilling across all state boundaries.

Three big-budget Bhojpuri films hit Bihar's screens last Friday: Rajendra Patel's Londonwali Se Neha Lagwali, shot in London and Mauritius, Ramesh Raao's Banke Bihari MLA, starring Ravi Kishan and Tamil actress Rambha, and Suresh Maurya's Kahan Jaibo Nazar Churake. None of the filmmakers is from Bihar.

Patel and Raao say Bhojpuri films have emerged as the new box-office hope for filmmakers. Raao's Rs 1.5 crore Bhojpuri production follows a decade spent in Hindi films and television serials.
 "I made a film in Bhojpuri because there is a huge resurgent market for films in this dialect. What's encouraging is that this market is growing nationally and internationally."

The size of the Bhojpuri film industry is around Rs 100 crore with the Bihar government collecting Rs 10 acrore as entertainment tax annualy, according to Ravi Mittal, commissioner and secretary of the state commercial taxes department. Producers double their investment at the least.Besides, film-makers sell video CD rights at an average of Rs 40 lakh per film, and music rights for Rs 30 lakh.
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