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Aili Chhati Maiya Bhojpuri song, Anu Dubey Ambey Bhakti song

Aili Chhati Maiya

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Aili Chhati Maiya Lyrics

Lyrics of  Aili Chhati Maiya Song will be available soon. Keep visiting this website for more Bhojpuri Video Songs.
Aili Chhati Maiya Video song
Aili Chhati Maiya Bhojpuri Song

Bhojpuri Cinema Edges Success

Under the big tree called Bollywood, the Bhojpuri film industry has been steadily taking root. While the mega Hindi film industry struggles to profit from its releases, its fledgling cousin has been growing steadily, doubling its output from 50 films four years ago to 100 films annually, and making money too.

Industry insiders say films in the Hindi dialect can do even better if the government extends support.

“We now release about 100 films in a year. The average money spent yearly on Bhojpuri films is close to Rs. 100 crore and the gross collection is about Rs. 125 crore every year,” Ranjan Sinha, spokesperson for the Bihar Jharkhand Motion Picture Association, told IANS on phone from Patna.

“Even if a film doesn’t work, the producer doesn’t have to bear a big loss. His loss is not more than Rs.10 lakh to 15 lakh.” he said.

The turning point, he said, came with the 2003 blockbuster “Sasura Bada Paisa Wala” with superstar Manoj Tiwari, sometimes compared to Rajnikanth.

The film was made at a budget of Rs. 35 lakh to Rs. 40 lakh and made massive profits all over India.

“The film did a business of Rs. 1.90 crore in Bihar, Rs. 1.25 crore in Uttar Pradesh. Its all-India collections were Rs. 4.5 crore,” said Sinha.

The biggest consumer of Bhojpuri films are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh as well as Mumbai, which has sizeable migrant population from the Hindi belt. Bhojpuri films also get good audiences in West Bengal, Punjab and Gujarat, which are also home to migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

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