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Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur Video Song, Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur Album Song

Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur Song

Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur  Raja Mulayam Yadav  Bhojpuri Holi Song , Download Bhojpuri Hot Song, Bhojpuri Movie Hot Songs HD, Album :- Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur Song :- Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur Singer :- Raja Mulayam Yadav Lyrics :- Jitendra Patel Akela Music Director :- Bablu Mishra Video Director :- Ashish Yadav.

Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur Lyrics
Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur Video Song
Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur Video Song

Lyrics of Rang Fenke Fuchur Fuchur Song will be available soon. Keep visiting this website for more Bhojpuri Video Songs.

Bhojpuri Film Industry

There was a time when Bhojpuri movies were considered laughable, in its aesthetics and as a form of serious investment. 

That time, though, is long gone. The Bhojpuri movie industry popularly called Bhojiwood is a burgeoning behemoth, a Rs 2000 crore (and growing) industry that is fast moving past the likes of A Listers like Ravi Kishen and Manoj Tewari, and breaking fresh ground and creating new milestones. The production costs have increased and so  have the production value in turn, the actors' pay has been increased by as much as 20%- Even the highest grossers are raking in more than Rs 10 crores, something that had never been imagined, let alone be thought of! 

The growth in the Bhojpuri film industry, however, shouldn't come across as massively surprising given the Bihar government's enthusiastic support to scale up the industry to a grander level, by investing in a film city and organizing film festivals showcasing the industry's creative output. 

"Manoj Tewari and Ravi Kishan are brands in industry and the sole runners of the show until 2014 till releases like Nirahua Hindustani, Patna se Pakistan came in the market in 2014-2015 and changed the market completely. Highest grosser started pooling in close to Rs 10 crores and the industry saw a turn around," said Nishant Ujjwal, distributor and publicist for Bhojpuri film since 2008. 

According to Ujjwal, 2015 was the best year for Bhojiwood where total collections from the box office were close to Rs 35 crores followed by 2016 where collections were to the tune of Rs 30 crores from the 56 films produced. "From 2004 to 2014 Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari had ruled the industry but the market started falling post that and increase in production cost and quality films took over and with the help of digital platforms and national releases across the country helped us gain more popularity, "said Pravesh Yadav, actor and co-owner of Nirahua Entertainment. 

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