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Rang Se Bhijela Holi Song, Raj Yadav Bhojpuri Hot Holi Song

Rang Se Bhijela Holi Song

Rang Se Bhijela- Kamar Hile Colour Lagake- Raj Yadav- Bhojpuri Hot Holi, Bhojpuri Video Song, Download Bhojpuri Hot Song, Bhojpuri Movie Hot Songs HD, Album:- Kamar Hile Colour Lagake Song:- Rang Se Bhijela Singer:- Raj Yadav Lyrics:- Yadav Raj Music Director:- Monu Mishra.

Rang Se Bhijela Lyrics

Lyrics of Rang Se Bhijela Holi Song will be available soon. Keep visiting this website for more Bhojpuri Video Songs.
Rang Se Bhijela Holi Bhojpuri Video
Rang Se Bhijela Holi Song

Bhojpuri Cinema Budget

At over 240 million, Bhojpuri-speaking people form half the Hindi-speaking audience in India. But so far there was precious little media that addressed their needs. Bhojpuri cinema’s boom in the last few years led to the launch of a Bhojpuri channel, Mahua, in 2008. Most major broadcasters are now planning one. It is, in fact, the growth of Bhojpuri cinema in the last five years that has pointed out the flaws in the multiplex-led growth of the Indian film industry.
"Although the audience in Bihar's main film-watching towns do not like films shot in Western locales, I shot my first Bhojpuri venture in London and Mauritius," says London-based Patel, who has earlier produced films in Hindi and Gujarati.

He spent Rs 80 lakh on Londonwali Se Neha Lagwali. Maurya could not be contacted, but Bhojpuri film experts say the budget of his film is "close to Rs 1 crore". The average budget of a Bhojpuri film is Rs 40-50 lakh. Increasingly, costs are going up: actors Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan are demanding as much as Rs 80 lakh and Rs 50 lakh respectively, while fees for "outside" actresses like Naghma and Rambha are Rs 15-20 lakh.Both Raao and Patel say they will now seek release of their Bhojpuri films in Mumbai and in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Maharashtra.

Raghuvansh Singh, president of Bihar-Jharkhand Movies Distributors Association, says Bhojpuri films are catering to over 200 million Bhojpuri-speaking people in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh."Besides, the Bhojpuri diaspora in Mauritius, Ghana, West Indies, Fiji, Nepal, Dubai, Indonesia, and the Netherlands constitutes a good enough market for our films," he says.

"Stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan and Naghma have done films in Bhojpuri," says Singh. "As many as eight films are released in a month." Any wonder Ravi Kishan has such a huge fan following.
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