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Othlaliya Chikhe Da Song, Nirahua Hindustani Movie Song

Othlaliya Chikhe Da Song

Nirahua Hindustani Movie Song. Download Bhojpuri Video Song. Nirahua Entertainment Pvt Ltd Present Nirahua Hindustani Produce by... Pravesh Lal Yadav & Rahul Khan Directed by...Satish Jain Lyrics... Pyare Lal Yadav Music... Rajesh Rajnish Star Cast...Dinesh Lal Yadav ''Nirahua'', Aamrapali , Sanjay pandey and others.

Nirahua Hindustani Movie

The story is about a villager name Nirahu Yadav ( Dinesh Lal Yadav ) who in search of his dream girl reaches Mumbai. During his stay in the city he by mistake is framed to be a serial killer and punished to be hanged till death. Nirahu announces his last wish of getting married simultaneously, there a rich girl named Sona (Amrapali Dubey), under consistent pressure from her handicapped and ill father to get married before his death. Leaving a will that Sona has to get married to own the estate of her father, Sona decides to marry Nirahu when she sees his last wish of getting married, on TV.

Assuming the death sentence to Nirahu getting serviced in 9 days Sona plays a bet and proposes to marry him. Having found his dream girl proposing him for the marriage, Nirahu too agrees.
In the mean time, actual serial killer surfaces again and kills one more victim finally to get arrested. Nirahu is released from jail and reaches Sona's place where he comes to know about the motive of Sona behind getting married to him. After knowing the reality, Nirahu plans to leave for his village but Sona's uncle convinces him to deal with the challenge instead of running away from it.

Othlaliya Chikhe Da Song Lyrics

आज ले बानी सुनले बानी मंन में सपने बुनले बानी
Othlaliya Chikhe Da Song
Othlaliya Chikhe Da Song
तोहार क्रिया ना भैल बाटे बोहनी हमार
ओठलालिया चीखे दा ना धनिया हमार हो

सुनले बानी कहिगो एकर मिलेला
आम वाला सेब वाला लीची वाला बिकेला
हाय गवन फ्लवर बड़ी बाटे चटकार
ओठलालिया चीखे दा ना धनिया हमार हो

आज लेना बाबो काबो खाए के पावले
देखी देखी दूरी है से लार टकावेले
कबे दुखवा के साई हैं दुखे हॉर्न हमार
ओठलालिया चीखे दा ना धनिया हमार

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