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Patari Kamariya Re Bhojpuri Video, Upendra Yadav Romantic Bhojpuri Hot Song

 Patari Kamariya Re Bhojpuri Video

Patari Kamariya Re Bhojpuri Video, Upendra Yadav Romantic Bhojpuri Hot Song,  Album:- Patali Kamariya Re, Song:- Hilela Jab Patari Kamariya Re, Singer:- Upendra Yadav, Lyrics:- Vinay Raj,Music Director:- Mahipal Bharatwaj, Video Director:- Pawan Mishra,Company/ Label:- Wave, Download All Bhojpuri Video Songs, If you like Bhojpuri song, Bhojpuri full film and bhojpuri movie songs, subscribe our channel.

Patari Kamariya Re Lyrics

Lyrics of Patari Kamariya Re Song available. Keep visiting this website for more Bhojpuri Video Songs.
Patari Kamariya Pa Song Lyrics
 Patari Kamariya Re Romantic Video
 Patari Kamariya Re Bhojpuri Video

पतरी कमरिया जब साड़ी पहर हमार मेहरिया x2
तो गिरे दिल पे बीजूरिया बीजूरिया
मंनवा ना लागे जोबन भाईलवा कतर लगे बाड़िया
तो गिरे दिल पे बीजूरिया बीजूरिया

दिल यो लगाईल बतिया झरके
तोहले की मज़ा लूटे बकजन लगाई के
तोहार राजा बनाई दहे के पुजारिया पुजारिया
तो गिरे दिल पे बीजूरिया बीजूरिया

तोहे करेला हमर बड़ा सूपर
करे तैयार जब चढ़जले उपर
माही बर्दस होला मारे शीश कोरिया
तो गिरे दिल पे बीजूरिया बीजूरिया

कोरेवे में सूती कहे उसे ना जाल
नेरा के कईल पीयाल घर से बुझाले

तो गिरे दिल पे बीजूरिया बीजूरिया

Swati Verma Career

Swati Verma is an Indian film actress primarily working with Bhojpuri film industry. She has also acted in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films.She has established a career in Bhojpuri language films and is cited in the media as one of the most popular celebrities. Verma parachuted into stardom soon after her maiden Bhojpuri film Sasurari Zindabad hit the marquee.

Swati hail from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh but her birthplace is Mumbai. Her parents are doctors, and worked in KEM hospital, Mumbai, in the 1970s. Later, her parents shifted to Bilaspur and Verma went to Russia. She did her diploma in Russian and also studied interior designing in Russia. She speaks English, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Malayalam and Tamil and is a well trained Kathak dancer. She also has a black belt in Karate.

Verma felt daunted as the very prospect of acting, She commented saying, "Hailing from a place like Bilaspur that is nowhere even distantly associated to glitz and glamour, acting did seem a bit far-fetched." Before starting her career off as an actress, Swati trained at the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute in Mumbai. She made her acting debut in episodic serial Ek din ki vardi (Sahara). Later, she appeared in Suraag and Aryaman.

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